What if I say that I’ll pay you for doing your favorite thing which you love doing the whole day? Especially the youngsters!! Here’s an uplifting news for you!

Scrolling through the news feed and liking the random posts can now gain you a bunch sum by simply sitting on your couch. And for the ones who want to work from home instead of spending the whole day in office, you are at the right place! Kingtasker is here to astonish all of you with its energizing highlights!

Seems interesting. Right? Let's go through the brief description to get a thorough idea about how this will work and how can you earn from it. And most importantly, an assurance about the earned money, how you’ll earn and receive in your wallets.

How does it work?

Utilizing your spare time and earning money is just a perfect idea, to begin with! Your first step will be to create an account and get yourself registered with KingTasker. Once you have successfully registered, you will receive numerous suggested social media posts from the companies across the nation. What you need to do is just like, share, comment, or rate their posts as defined by them. More you like and share, more you have in your pocket.

That is all you need to do on your part, carrying out everything further is now our responsibility.

Earn surprising reward points

Once you are done with your job of liking or sharing of the social media posts, the next step would be receiving the return gifts! For every single like, or share you made, we have a defined amount of points. More will be the likes you made, points will double accordingly. The points you receive will be in the form of reward points, and not in cash. Remember that. But how are you going to utilize these points and where?

How do I use these reward points?

As soon as you are done with your job of likes and shares, you’ll instantly get the reward points directly in your KingTasker account. As you are not getting the cash amount, you can directly redeem these reward points to get your mobile phones recharged depending on the amount you have received. Additionally, if you are not going for a mobile recharge, no issues, you can simply go shopping and utilize these points over there for the payments.

Either day or midnight, we have no time boundaries or fixed working hours, whenever you are free, start with it. Simply you can now work from anywhere, anytime and earn huge amounts. Stay refreshed and get enrolled soon! Good fortunes!