We all love to go on a vacation and the fun gets multiplied if our vacation is well planned and hasslefree. With the advent of technology, we can easily plan and schedule everything before heading for a trip. There are apps that allow us to book online air and train tickets while sitting at home, then we have apps where we can book a hotel for a comfortable stay. Technology has made our lives extremely simpler, if you have your smartphone, you need nothing else to have a successful vacation. From locating a tourist place to finding a ride and knowing the directions, everything is possible with just a few clicks. But, think while you are out on a trip to enjoy your holiday and just relaxing in your hotel room and surfing the internet, you somehow stumble upon a fun way to earn money online. Isn't it amazing? Of course, it is.

There are some apps that make your vacations all the more exciting and rewarding. The online money earning app helps you earn money by executing a few fun tasks and makes your trip more affordable. If you are planning to go on a vacation, then keep reading to know what are the essential apps to have in your smartphone for a troublefree vacation.

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Must-Have Apps While Travelling 

  • FlightAware: The very first thought while you start to travel is to track your flight. Sometimes while you plan for a multi-destination vacation, it becomes very inconvenient to download different apps to know the flight details of different airports or airlines. FlightAware is the best app for you to have in this case. FlightAware lets you track any flight in real-time, receive alerts and see airport delays all across the globe.
  • Google Translate: Now if you plan to go to a different region of the country or globe where the culture and language are totally different from your place, then Google Translate is a must app for you to have in your smartphone. It would help you communicate with the local people out there, enable you to travel from one place to another on public transport easily and will make your trip a memorable one.
  • SAS Survival Guide: Whether you are planning a camping trip or going for a mountain treck, you should be fully equipped with safety measures for the times of casualty. No, you don't need to carry a heavy 400 pages survival guide book in your backpack. SAS Survival Guide app will be more than enough for you. It contains hundreds of survival skills written by a former SAS soldier and instructor that will help you survive in extreme situations.
  • KingTasker: While you are away on a vacation, the one thing that can be the reason for your worry is expenses. What if you can even earn money while you are on a fun trip or travelling from one destination to another? KingTasker is online money earning app that enables you to make money and earn rewards by performing simple tasks like completing surveys, sharing the app with your friends, simple like and comments on social media posts, etc.
  • Triplt: Got a trip coming up that includes more than one hotel or flight, or you are just not very good at keeping track of booking numbers? Then TripIt is your new best friend. Just forward your confirmation emails, or let TripIt access your mailbox, and the app will create a sample route for you that includes maps.
  • AroundMe: AroundMe identifies your location and lists the nearest bank, bar, gas station, hospital, hotel, movie theater, restaurant, supermarket, theatre, and taxi. So if you have AroundMe in your smartphone, you can never get lost no matter how new the place is for you.
  • jiOrder: Going on a vacation has its own perks. One of the most thrilling ones is to try new food and restaurants. jiOrder is the best app that enables you to locate the best restaurants around, have a look at their menu, or even order food online for home delivery. 

Travel and Earn

If you are planning to go on a long trip but looking for ways to compensate for your travel expenditure, then download KingTasker and make the little time that you get on your vacation while travelling or relaxing in your hotel room, a source for making money. A few simple fun tasks can earn you lots of rewards. Log in now to get started.