We all get fascinated with the easy ways of money earning. Who doesn't want to earn some extra money while putting little effort? Of course all of us. There are many mobile apps present on the Google Play Store or App Store that reward you in return of executing some easy and simple fun tasks. These apps are one of the best ways to earn money in your free time. People who are addicted to their cell phones can make use of their habit to make money. These apps reward you in different forms, sometimes through PayPal, a few times gives you gift cards and sometimes add points to your wallet. You must frequently redeem these rewards and use them for your personal use. If you do not use them for a long time, you might lose them forever as rewards become invalid after some time. Read this blog to know the smart ways to quickly use the points collected in your app wallet.

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How Can You Earn Rewards?

  • Survey: One of the most interesting and easiest task that the money earning apps offer is the surveys. You can choose the category on which you want to take the survey according to your interest. you can take up a survey related to fashion, shopping, food, technology, etc. It takes a few minutes to complete one survey. These apps pay you as soon as you submit a survey.
  • Like and Share: You can also earn rewards for liking and sharing the social media pages of these apps on your account. For each share on facebook or Instagram, you may earn a reward. Isn't it wonderful that scrolling on social media sites and sharing a page can help you make money? 
  • Share With Friends: Another way to easily pile up your wallet points is to share the app with your friends as much as you can. With each share, you and your friend both earn a point. 
  • Virtual Assistant: You can also be a virtual assistant on these apps for earning points. A virtual assistant guides the new joiners on the app and resolves their queries. If you have been using the app for a long time, you can choose to be the guide for newcomers in your free time and collect points.
  • Games: Some money earning apps pay you for playing games. Now, this is something amazing. If you are a gamer, then use your skills to earn some extra money in free time. The more you play, the more you earn.

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Ways To Use The Earned Rewards

  • Mobile Recharges: The best way to use the rewards earned is to redeem them to recharge your mobile phone. It will be an easy and efficient way to use the points earned and would save your monthly expenditure on mobile recharges.
  • Online Food Ordering: The collected points in the wallet can be redeemed to order food online through food ordering apps. The payment methods in the food ordering apps include the option to pay from the wallet.
  • Online Shopping: If you have earned a gift card on your money earning app then make sure to use it as soon as possible to make an online purchase. Also, you can use the wallet money to do online shopping.
  • Dish TV Recharges: Now that we have options to pay all our bills online, it becomes easy to use the earned rewards for multiple purposes. The rewards can be used to recharge the dish tv or pay other bills like electricity and water bills.

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