Are you are a retired person and looking for the simple ways and options that help you earn some extra bucks? There are many options online that can give you money. Although these options are not enough to cover your retirement expenses, but also, they do not consume much of your time. Find some of the best tasks that you can do by giving only a few hours of your day.

Top Ways to Make Money Online After Retirement

  • Take Surveys Online: There are many websites like the one Survey Sites where you can earn money by filling the simple survey forms. For each survey site, you can cash out using PayPal or redeem the points earned in making a purchase, paying bills, etc. Although these sites won't pay you a ton of money, but will offer the easiest way to earn extra cash in your free time. Some of the favorite survey websites among people are Inbox Dollars, Pinecone Research, etc.
  • Download Money Making Mobile Apps: Whether we consider a teenager or a retired person, almost every other carry smart-phones with them. But how many among you know that the mobile phone you carry can help you in making money. Yes, it is true! There are many apps that give you the opportunity to make money. One such app is KingTasker. Download the app and perform simple task online. Each task will add points in your wallet that you can redeem for various purpose.
  • Sell your Stuff Online: Having too many clothes or want to declutter your old entertainment, then start sorting and selling those stuff online. Letgo is an online marketplace app where you can register and sell anything, like: clothes, purses, shoes, household items, etc. Just take a photo of the item you want to sell and post it in the app. This will help you shortlist the local buyers with whom you can make fair deals and earn money instantly. For DVDs, old books there is another app called Decluttr that offer the seamless way to sell such stuff. Download the app and scan the barcode on the item you want to sell. The app will tell you the money that they will pay you for it. Once the deal is done, Declutter offers the shipping label. Print the label and pack your items in the box to drop it at a UPS store.
  • Offer Different Services: Also, if you want to do something productive then you can offer services like website check or work as a transcriptionist. There are many companies who want to know about their website performance like UserTest and UserFeel that pay users to report them after the performance of the website. You can around $10 for every website you test. Other than this you can work as a transcriptionist if you have good typing speed and experience of medical and legal fields.
  • Work as a Freelance Proofreader: If you are good at spelling and grammar, then you can good amount by working as a freelance proofreader. Start applying online, and you would get plenty of work for sure. Also, you can make a good amount by doing this job. This will generate you additional income that can prevent you from touching retirement savings.
  • Do Something You Love: Reaching the retirement age, then all your span during the job that you would had missed doing all those years. If yes, then now is the time to work on your passion. Maybe you would get the way to earn money by showcasing your hidden passion. Start working on it and add fun in your life.


Making extra money online after retirement is a great idea. It keeps you busy and the best way to make income online. This blog might help you in picking the right way to utilize your time post-retirement. Discovering meaningful ways help you improve your retirement finances. You can explore many more ways, there are limitless options that can help you in making money easy and seamlessly.