Still wasting time scrolling your facebook accounts before going to sleep? Especially the young generation doesn’t get a sound sleep unless they spend time on their social media accounts.

A January 2017 survey of global Facebook users shows that the biggest Facebook user group were men between the ages of 18 and 24 years - this group accounts for 18 percent of total Facebook users worldwide.

On an average, people spend around 2 hours on their social media accounts, and if you are a social media addict, it can increase to more hours. So, I can suggest you a way to turn your social media addiction into a useful way of earning money. Want to know how? Here we have a perfect solution for you which can earn you money while scrolling your social media accounts.


KingTasker is one such surprise for you guys which simply pays you for sharing your opinion on your social media accounts. The users like you will be assigned some tasks which will have some links of some reputed organizations and brands. What you need to do is simply share your opinion either by likes, shares, comment or rating those links as mentioned in the task. Once you have completed the given task, soon you’ll receive the reward points in your KingTasker account. Moreover, you might have questions regarding this process, right? Here are the most probable questions along with their answers to clarify all your possible queries!

Do I need to have a lot of followers on my social account to perform these online tasks?

Well, the answer to this is No. You simply don’t need a number of followers on your account, rather we prefer ordinary people who have enough time to perform the online tasks. So, no need of adding a huge number of followers to your social media account.

How do I utilize these reward points?

It's very simple. Once you have completed the online task, you get the reward points into your account within a moment of time. Once you receive the points into your account, you can easily use these points to make your mobile recharges, or use these points while you go for online shopping. Seems interesting, right?

Before wasting more time, get in touch with us and register yourself with KingTasker. Reach us at any time of the day, our team would be glad to interact with you and clear your queries!