Smartphones, tablets, mobile apps, surfing, networking, and social sites, all have become an integral part of our life. The moment we get up from our bed, the first thing that we do instead of washing our face is checking the notifications and pending texts. Don't we do? Of course, now it is too common to say! And the major part of all this circle is mobile applications. We breathe in the age of modernization and digitalization. There is an app for everything. And that's how the mobile application industry is raising our economy. How?

The world is at the peak of the mobile apps revolution. The growing use of the internet has made it ideal for the developers to pat this opportunity and to be a great contributor to economic growth. The companies today are working on mobile platforms to market their products and services so that their customers get easy access from anywhere. Also, this unprecedented growth of industry won't stop and will see more heights in the coming future. The mobile applications have changed the whole game by making the brands, content creators, experience designers, technology providers and more to rethink the way their work is consumed and created earlier. Now, the app industry economy is witnessing exponential growth. The increasing demand of the people for more mobile apps is making an increase in the growth of the app development industry, which is ending up by impacting a positive light on the nation's economy.

And when we talk about the 'money-making or money-earning apps' then the status goes doubled with profits. As these money-earning applications are not only benefiting the developers and industry, but also the users by furnishing them with cash-prizes and extra income.

Now, let's get the complete picture through this blog...

Rise In Job Opportunities Through Money-making Applications

According to some surveys, today, there are around 450 to 460 million smartphone users across India. And the prediction says that these can be double by 2022. And, this huge expenditure has begun by increasing demand for application development and their services.

(A 2015 study by ICRIER concluded that more than 10 percent of applications globally are developed by Indians, either based overseas or at own nation. This number has only increased now, with India expected to surpass the US as the world’s largest “developer population center” by 2024.)

Also, the iOS ecosystem in India, above a 36.1 percent growth generates 873,000 jobs, since last year. Android, meantime, estimates for 1.36 million jobs, enrolling a 47.4 percent increase over three years.

Now, as the demands of the applications are increasing day by day, the job opportunities are also increasing in the app development industry. However, the money-making applications are making both the app developers and users in getting the extra income. Applications that are offering tasks of surveys, reviews, sharing and uploading of videos, cashback prizes, and rewards, etc. have become one of the most popular means of making extra income. Let's have a look at the applications that are making people happy with the opportunities to get extra income by performing small tasks.

Mobile Applications That Can Help To Earn Extra Income

1. Cashback Applications

There are many cashback applications, that call you for only three to four steps and get direct cashback in your wallet. It can be like you’ll have to perform tasks within the app to make access to its money-saving tools depending on how much free time you have. After that when you make transactions using the offers that you get, you will be there with some exciting cashback prizes.

2. Review & Earn

These are the kind of applications that ask you to review certain shows, books, songs, videos or simply put your opinions. And in the end, you will get paid for being opinionated.

3. Passive Earning Apps

Today, advertisements are everywhere. And, these applications will make you earn for your every swipe when you do while watching the ads. Either swipe left, right, up or down to see more ads. For each swipe, you’ll earn, and money will be credited to your account the very next day.

4. Freelancing Apps

Today, the freelancers are getting paid in a very good amount. These apps make you turn yourself into your boss and create your own rules. Such applications services are outsourced to people in several fields including web design, writing, marketing and data entry, etc. People work here as a freelancer on their own conditions and get paid for it.

5. Google’s UPI-based payment applications

The Indian market has such applications that offer several new and easy ways to earn money without doing much. For a person, when he/she install these type of applications, every sign up begins with a bonus. There are extra cash prizes too for a user that transfers funds, makes a transaction and also offers prizes to invite friends.

The Bottom Line

In the end, the summation fact says that these mobile applications have not only made our life easy and comfortable but also made us utilize our time into something productive. As these mobile money-making applications are doing for us. Such applications are truly making economic growth and development along with the user's profit. If you are also looking for such applications that can get you with an extra income, then install KingTasker- the money-making application today. Perform some simple tasks and get paid for that, install it TODAY!