Why waste time scrolling your facebook accounts when you can make money out of it? Yes! You heard it right! Instead of wasting time scrolling the news feed on your social media account, you can earn a handful amount by simply performing online tasks we assign you. You would be curious that what are these online tasks and what do you need to do with it. Right? We have answers to all your questions about how you'll perform these tasks and how will it earn you money!

How to perform the online tasks?

You will get tasks assigned into your account, once you register with us. We have no time or fixed working hours to perform these tasks. Whenever you feel that you are free from your daily schedule, just go for it. This is a golden opportunity for the ones who love working from home and earning a good amount. You can start the task anytime, and the task will guide you the further instructions to either like, share, comment, or rate the provided social media links. That's it, the task is done your part!


Share your opinion and earn!

You simply need to share your opinion on social media and earn bucks from it. Once you complete your assigned tasks, we will get notified about it. You will soon receive reward points as per the number of tasks you carried out. You’ll receive these reward points directly into your account and can be redeemed anytime. You can spend these reward points whenever you go for online shopping or you can even make a mobile recharge from those points.


Other plus points:

  1. No time boundation while performing the tasks i.e. you can perform the tasks anytime whenever you are free.
  2. It offers you easy access, i.e. you can perform these tasks easily via your smartphone or tablet, instead of arranging a separate PC or laptop.
  3. People who love working from home and earn money, this is a golden opportunity for them.
  4. The online tasks assigned to you are easy to perform, only sharing your opinion will make you earn bucks.
  5. The tasks you perform hardly consumes your time, it would take seconds or a minute while you do the social sharing or rating over the social media.


KingTasker- an easy platform for you!

Now that you are aware of the plus points these online tasks have, you would definitely look up for a platform from where you can get these tasks for you. Isn’t it? KingTasker is one such platform which offers you simple online tasks. You can perform as many tasks as you want, more the tasks performed by you, more will the points into your account! So get yourself registered with us, and start earning!