Are you struggling for an extra-income you pay your debt? Have you ever wondered that sitting in your comfort zone you can earn money? No matter, what your status in life, we could all use a little extra money.

We are living in a digital era and, with the advancements in technology, earning an income has become a lot easier. The world is shifting, and there are marvellous opportunities for the students, workers, and house-wives to earn money.

Maybe you are looking for fresh ideas to pay off your debts, fund a hobby, start a business, or save it for the future. Well, whatever the reason may be, life becomes much less stressful with an extra jingle in your pockets.

Digital Transformation has made it Possible

Digital transformation has leveraged technology, and creates value to bring new opportunities. It is trending amongst millions of professionals and has made it easier for everyone to make money online using different platforms. Technology has made it possible for people to have a desired lifestyle. Even, if you are working in an organization, you can earn extra income from home.

5 Smart Ways TO Make Money Online

While we all have some extra time, we can utilize our skills and probably make a hundred dollars of income a month. The following are some of the legitimate ways to make money online:

1. Start your Blog or Video Channels

Can you make a living with blogging or, is it just another myth? Whether it is a video for your YouTube channel or some informative blog you can earn quite a lot of money. It is no longer a hobby but has become a career for many. It is the best way to showcase your talent.

With more than 2 billion users per month, YouTube is one of the most visited platforms in the world. It offers sponsored videos, affiliate marketing, selling digital products. Two types of people can earn money with YouTube - one who can make funny and entertaining videos, and the other who make niche related helpful videos.

Some of the benefits of blogging and YouTube include:

  •  An additional source of income.

  • You can work anywhere, anytime,

  •  Get to work on what you like

  • Can set a flexible schedule.

2. TikTok to make money

TikTok is one of the most trending applications and a popular platform to make money online. It focuses on influential marketing through which people who can influence others can make money using their TikTok accounts.

It is the fastest growing social media platform and, the content can go viral overnight. There are many other video making applications such as Dubsmash, TakaTak, Instagram Reels but TikTok has a comparatively big and engaged audience.

3. Teach a Skill Online

Virtual tutoring is a personal way of teaching if you are subject expertise. With online teaching, you can maximize your chances of success and make your career in the field. Online tutors give students a personalized experience and, they look for the same rather as some online course which is available to thousands of paying customers at a time.

4. Stock Market Trading

If you know, how to pick the right stock, you can earn an unlimited amount. What you need is a Demat and trading account. The above-discussed platforms are free to join. But when it comes to trading you need a little money to start. If you are scared of losing the money then always begin with a little investment.

5. KingTasker

KingTasker is a platform where you can earn bucks while completing some online tasks like sharing and liking posts. You can start earning any time and anywhere in your comfort zone.  All you need is a smartphone and an Internet connection.

The app has 3.5M tasks posted every month, you can choose the tasks you like to complete and get the payment once you are done. You get reward points when you share your opinion. KingTasker has become the most popular earning platform with over 30K+ users.

There are many other apps and platforms you can consider achieving your financial goals where you might have to pay some amount before joining. But KingTasker is one of the most trusted and downloaded apps amongst users. 

 Go to the App Store and download the app. Perform the tasks are interested in and, earn as much you can. What else would a person want more!