The upsurge of the smartphones and with that the Android users have been drastic in recent times. A decade back the 90s kids used to enjoy the sunshine in the winters and the sweat in the summer evening; gone are those days! In today's time, the kids are well-equipped with smartphones and their usage that sometimes they tell their mom how to run an application.

Mom makes me remember, we also tend to be stuck on social media for all the remaining time that is after we have finished chores, traveling, work and rest. Well according to Psychologist, we do not even sleep with this reindeer in our hand named Social Media. Rather, the day does not finish without all the latest updates from all our acquaintance's lives. Social media impacts our lives in various ways.

What Impact does Social Media has on our Lives?

Connecting With People - While the geographical boundaries separate us, the internet is one thing that has got us closer. The use of social media and the interaction with our loved ones is so frequent with the memes, messenger and Instagram Story updates. We connect with people at all times and are dependent on their comments and likes for the validation of the content uploaded by us.

  • Youth - Social Media has a great impact on the youth in fact the life of the youngsters starts with socializing and ends with socializing. Social Media has also made people insomniac and depressed. The non-validation of their posts tends to affect them greatly. When social media is used in the correct manner, the youth will see all the positive impacts.
  • Marketing - The web traffic and the availability of a large audience, which is of all age-groups can be targeted by businesses to market their products. The constant engagement, wide interests, influential people, aimless scrolling can all be used as an advantage by the business people.
  • Entertainment - Social is a great source of entertainment for some. The others that are engaging people with constantly posting content on their personal accounts help other people make it a source of their entertainment. So, when one is tired of aimless scrolling, they can aimlessly watch and interact with video content posted by people.

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Tasking With KingTasker

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  • Share Social Media Pages - Marketing has the power to persuade us, this makes us act on certain great content. Now earn rewards on each share that you do. Discover new interests and pay heed to old ones by tasking with KingTasker.

Summing Up

In the nutshell, Social Media is the key to our time pass, life, opinions, connecting and much more. Why not use it to reward ourselves some extra pennies on the side? KingTasker helps you keep up with your socializing spree and earn some rewards on the side. Use social media in your free time to hoard some cash on the side. Happy Tasking with KingTasker fellas!