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  • It will display your total completed tasks, and earned points here, that you can withdraw from your PayTM account now.  And below the reward points amount, you can see how many amounts you will get in your Paytm Account, with the Total points you have In your account or in Rewards .

  • For Example, → If you have 50 Points – you will get PayTm Rs. 50

    If you have 100 Points – you will get PayTm Rs. 100

    If you have 190 Points – you will get 200 Rs.

    If you have 450 points – you will get 500 Rs.

    If you have 180 Points – you will get 2000 Rs.

  • Once you submit the redeem request, your request will be processed within & business days (not including public holidays or Saturday & Sunday).

reward point


  • It will display your PayTM Number Field, here – you will enter your registered PayTm Account number this account and after entering your PayTM number, you will click on Submit button, then the point's money will go to your PayTM Account.

redeem points

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